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"Shirt Pulling"
Karma Gallery, New York City, 2018
Exhibition 2018

Dance of the Snails 1999. 42" x 56"
Works in Private/ Public Collections

Jumping Off, 2016
Recent Works 2016-2017

Oil on canvas,  March 2013
Available Art of Irv Marcus 2016

In Two Oil Painting by Irv Marcus
"In Two" 2013, 40 " x 56 "  
oil on canvas  March 2013,
b. sakata garo gallery

installation photos from gallery

oil on canvas
Animal Crate, 2010.
Photography by Ben Blackwell
Berkeley, CA
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oil on canvas
March 2012 Blue Line Gallery
Images from exhibition

cult oil on canvas painting
Cult, 2008
Nelson Gallery, UCD Davis,
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oil on canvas
Exhibtion Catalog from California State University,
Sacramento, 2005.
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Tsunami Too, 2003, oil on canvas, 35" x 56"
Painting included in The permanent collection of
the San Jose Museum of Art,
Selected by the chief curator,
Susan Landauer in April 2008.